Jean-Paul Chenette:

I am the founding Pastor of Oakbrook Bible Church.  Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, I was a typical guy like any other guy.  After I graduated from High School in 1986, one of my three older sisters became a Christian and started "sharing" her faith with me all the time (boy was that annoying), challenging me to examine my own faith.  I always had believed that I had faith in Jesus (I grew up Catholic), and that I really "loved" Him, until I decided to read the Bible to see if my faith was indeed a biblical faith.  In time I realized that my faith was not what the Bible defines as genuine faith -- not a surrendered, "willing-to-be-obedient" faith, but instead it was a dead (James 2).  I said I believed in Jesus but in truth I did whatever pleased me, and that was the bottom line.  Then after reading the Bible more, I came to believe that God really would hold me accountable for my sins.  I could not live my life however I wanted to and then just say, "I believe in Jesus!", and expect that to be my "get-out-of-jail-free" card.  No, God knew my heart.  When I realized this, by the grace of God I surrendered my life one night to Christ and agreed to follow Him wherever He wanted me to go, no matter the cost.

Since then God has called me to be a pastor (I never would have guessed this).  My education is from The Master's Seminary [Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry (abt)].  My wife Kristi and I have five precious children -- three biological and two adopted children from Haiti (biological siblings).  My love for my family is everything to me, and for them I try to joyfully and lovingly sacrifice myself daily.     

Oakbrook was started in 2004 as a Bible study, with the simple goal of making a difference for Christ by teaching His word and shepherding His people.  As a church we teach verse-by-verse through different books of the Bible, and we try to avoid gimmicks or fads or anything else that has nothing to do with growing spiritually into the image of Christ (Rom. 8:29).  We simply want to please Him and be used by Him as He is building His church, one person at a time.  The Scottish preacher Robert Murray McCheyne said that it is not so much great talent that God blesses, but likeness to Jesus.  

In that we hope and trust.